A better dana 300 twinstick


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Rockape and I got tired of the crappy twin sticks on the market (Rockape is ditching the blingin currie setup for these), so we decided to build our own with out the extra slop associated with traditional twinsticks. Here is a parts list....
6 inches of 1 inch round tubing with a 3/16 wall
4 feet of 5/8ths solid cold rolled steel
2 inches widex6inches long 3/8ths thick
1 1/4inch wide x 8 inches long 3/16 thick
2) 5/8ths x 3 inches long
2) 5/16" bolts 1/2 inches long
10) 5/16" washers
Rod ends:
2)5/16ths female heims rh thread summit PN SUM-MSF5
2)5/16ths male heims rh thread summit PN SUM-MSM5
If you cant find the 1 inch 3/16 wall tubing then get 1 inch 1/4 wall.But if you do substitute 2 of the 5/8 BOLTS for 1/2 inch bolts(same length).
Rockape has the original drawing, maybe he will post it up.
All in all I spent about $70 for two sets of twin sticks.





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Wait until you see the ones I built for my own junk. :thumbsup: I would post up that drawing but my dog ate it :disagree: Next time you need one built I hope I can have more than 2 1/2hours to design,fabricate and test my new products. :hmmrun: <----I think I looked like this guy!