AB231 - Exempts all pre-OBDII from smog and inspections


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Was I reading this right that not only would this introduce an exemption to all pre '95 vehicles but would also mandate that all counties would then require emissions testing?

If the Commission determines that it is feasible and practicable to carry out a program of inspecting and testing motor vehicles and systems for the control of emissions from motor vehicles, existing law requires the Commission, in cooperation with the Department and any local air pollution control agency, to adopt regulations and transportation controls to carry out such a program in any county whose population is less than 100,000 (currently all counties other than Clark and Washoe Counties). Existing law requires such regulations to establish certain requirements concerning emissions testing

Wonder how many people would be on board with that.

I JUST talked to a coworker about smog counties. He kept asking if there are smog laws why he didn’t have to smog in his county. Even when I told him he still has to comply with the laws he wanted to know why he was smog exempt. I pointed out later that Washoe Andy Clark are specifically required to smog. I can only IMAGINE how many people would blame California for now requiring smog in Nevada and not blame themselves r not being involved with the law.

I just wonder if pre-95 would lose as much money as requiring all counties to smog would gain. Elmo HA to make up for some of that with how many vehicles are registered there, excluding the of highway ones.