Ah. The triumphant return to 4x4 forums for this old dog.


Hi all. Formerly RoverGrenade or possibly Grenerd (I can't remember what U/N I used here). Sold the Rover and the old Van ages ago and took years away from modifying 4x4's to focus on other stuff. Found myself caving to the itch recently and picked up a 79 Bronco HP Dana 44 to start the conversion of my current 86' Ford E150 to 4x4. Signed back up and hope to lean on the forum for advice on the build. After selling off all my tools and whatnot (kept the welder by accident, STOKED) I am starting over from scratch in both tools and seemingly knowledge. Feeling like a total noob so forgive any redundancy or dumb questions.

That said, I do have a fair amount of experience turning wrenches and fabricating so fear not for my rig as I am sure this 4x4 conversion will go swimmingly.