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I am looking at getting some air tools (drill and impact to start with) to use with my CO2 set-up as well, as well as with my York OBA.

I was looking at Campbell Hausfeld as they are available at many stores in town and are reasonably priced. Does anyone have any input on this brand? What about Husky (Home Depot) brand or the IronForce (CH subbrand for Lowes)? I will not be using these every day, just once in a while, so I don't need IR with it's price tag.




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buy yourself a good home air compressor already, dammit!!! it will help you a lot better than your co2 and oba system. I would never use my oba system for anything other than filling MY tires(no one elses) and trail repairs. otherwise im using it for too much stuff, and burning it out faster. the co2 would be ok, but come on.. its cheesy.. your a backyard mechanic.. once you start using air tools, youll never go back.. the first thing i recommend is something like a 15 gallon home tank and compressor. then you can run airtools all day long. your impact wrench(es), air rachet, drill, blow gun, cutoff tool, air grinder... there are so many things that you will end up buying after you get comfy with your first 2 tools, that youll be filling up your co2 tank weekly if not daily... and burning out engine compressors left and right...

tool wise- harbor freight.. they have name brand tools there for cheaper than buying the same exact ones elsewhere... also try the internet. ebay is where i go for just about everything these days.. its the best shopping tool out there.
look for numbers when shopping for a good impact wrench. i bought my impact wrench over 2 years ago- harbor freight special- its a chicago pneumatic, so its the harbor freight brand, and ive been using it like crazy since the day i bought it. it is a 1/2 inch drive, and if i need to use the 3/8 inch drive, i just use a coupler. the most important thing about impact wrenches is that it breaks stuck bolts free. it does it with little constant force, unlike a breaker bar which is a hard constant force.. the impact hammers away at things a couple hundred times a second- buy a big one.. mine was about 100 something and works for everything i need- suspension bolts, like that joint that was stubborn the other day- come off in a second with mine.

numbers is what you wanna look at. find the highest amount of ft/lbs for the buck you can get. my wrench does over 800 in reverse and like 650 forward. its heavy.. its definately not gunna break anytime soon.

but honestly... air is just like lockers.. its a day and night difference, youll wonder how you ever got along without it before, so you need a good reliable big, and neverending supply for your garage.. especially if you want to do stuff to your jeep by yourself


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You know, i just went and got that 101 pc. set from Lowe's (1/2" Impact Wrench with 260 ft-lbs of torque, 5/8" Stroke Air Hammer, 3/8" Air Ratchet with 50 ft-lbs of torque, 1/4" Die Grinder and bunch of attachments and fittings). I figure it would get me started. I do have plans for a shop compressor, but only after I get my garage cleaned-up and organized. (that and a vise :D, and bench grinder, and hydro press, and ..... )