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Right now...
CABELAS online only Remington
.22 LR40 GrainRN-HVPer 50 $3.99 limit 1 box though. and a little pricey.


Was just at Cabela's they had a pretty good supply of shotgun 12 ,28 and 20 ga. field loads, some 17 HMR and 300BO

Dr. Marneaus

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Reno sportsman’s had a decent amount of boutique .357, .38spl+p, .40 defense ammo, 9mm defense ammo, but I think somebody grabbed the last bulk pack of 9mm range ammo they had at 50 cents a round.

They had maybe a dozen or so boxes left of .45acp blazer brass at 46 cents a round which isn’t bad. I grabbed two boxes.


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Does it seem like prices are starting to come down a bit?

Nope. Actually seems like the new norm is set until President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris leave office. Might get worse after the next publicized mass shooting. When was the last one?


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Bizarre guns has alot of ammo. 9mm target 50/$45. .380 was the same price
Mark, Fore & Strike always has ammo as well but they are also charging near $1 a rnd for 9mm fmj. I hear Wild Bill's in Carson has marked up ammo more often than not. If you're bleeding cash or really hurting there's options out there.