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Oh wow. I didn’t think anyone would EVER get primers. Might zip over there shortly.
They've been popping up at scheels, but only 41's.

I've got plenty of those, but am gonna be needing large pistol before too long. We'll see if anything else starts showing back up again.


Scheels, 223 soft point, 300 blackout, small amount of 22 lr. and still has CCI 41 primers and a lot of 12 gauge


If you are desperate

Juggernaut Arms is posting
" Ammo Drop Monday 4/19/2021!
Steel case, nickle plated 9mm 124gr.
2 pallets are landing tomorrow, shops closed Sat/Sun. In preparation for the drop.
1box 50rds $32
1case 1000rds $640
1 pallet 127,000rds $81,000
No limits! "