Android - Google - Privacy is a lie


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I know I turned off google location tracking, apparently when I replaced my phone all of those settings got turned back on. :mad:

They're now tracking even more than the last time I checked. Its all on by default, you have to turn it off. And then you have to try to find the well hidden location to delete the history....

Apple does the same thing.... My biggest gripe is that it turned itself back on when I got a new phone. Why would google even store this information? I'm a big fan of google services but this pisses me off.


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People will nearly always give up privacy for convenience. This is just a symptom of that.

I do enjoy reading these articles to see all the panic they cause with nobody suggesting solutions because nobody wants to hear "disable networking completely and get rid of your data plan".. that's too much for most and barely scratches the surface of what has to be done to secure a 'smart' phone.