Anyone going to KOH?


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I'm heading to JV 20January. For the past 7 years I have helped the Live Show team, deploying and maintaining the desert-wide microwave network and shuttling cameramen on race days. Up until last year it was mostly cameras on tripods, last year is was 90% drones with only 2 or 3 sets of sticks.

Each year Ultra4 invests to expand the equipment used for Live Show production, I am always taken by the combination of simplicity and complexity of this network. Last year we deployed over 30 microwave repeaters, some camera shots require 5 or 6 repeater bounces to get back to Hammertown. Each repeater requires network switches, batteries, solar and sometimes WiFi. Nothing gets left up after the race, so there is always a need for help retrieving gear (I am always burned out at this point). Two years ago we ended up leaving the repeater equipment used for Outer Limits and Dave had a local retrieve the equipment a few weeks after the race.

The first year we put a relay at Cougar Butte some locals trashed the batteries, solar panels and network equipment so we are always looking for a volunteer to camp there to help protect the equipment. Otherwise we have to remove and install the equipment each day and it is up on a huge rock that is very difficult to climb.

Wind is the biggest issue. The attached picture is after a wind storm just before the first race last year. The dish laying on the rock is the network backbone relay that blew over killing all network in Hammertown. There was a lot of bent metal and the backbone hub had to be reinstalled from scratch.

I have heard that there will be some live in-car shots in the rock sections this year. They have been recording in-car for the past few years, it will be interesting to see how they do it live. Most likely it will be a broad beam WiFi puck on the ground and in the car, the ground WiFi connected to a Ubiquiti LightBeam repeater thru a network switch.

Dave noted on the pre-race show that there will be a premium Live Show service this year, a $35 fee covers the service for the entire Ultra4 2021 season. Ultra4 invests a lot of capital to put on this show and I think this is a pretty reasonable price for the service. Dave also noted that Covid testing is required only for entrance into Hammertown, no testing required to get in the front gate.

Let me know if you are going. It is in CA, so the escalating Covid crisis could cause some anxiety. I will be there and could provide you with some info that may be helpful if you are on the fence about going.


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I won’t be there but I wanted to say thanks for doing all this work. I enjoyed the feed last time the race was held and it sounds like a lot of work. Just wanted you to know I appreciate it.


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Thanks for all the hard work! I won't be going this year but have no problem spending $35 for U4 streaming to my garage for the year. I've paid more for less entertainment.


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Internet back haul and main relay into Hammertown


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Scooby, I wish. No RV = NO GO. but we will be enjoying the festivities at home on the big screen, dust free, warm and can pause it to grab a brew or ? then resume. Comfort of home > roughing it. Thanks what u do. If u run into meri Ozz give her a hug from the reno boys.