anyone wheeling SUn June 5th?


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Is anyone hitting any trails tomorrow June 5th? Even if they are light, I am just dying to get out, but really do not know the area at all yet. If not, I will most likely go fishing up at frenchmans lake. We caught 9 in 3 hours last weekend for any fishermen out there. If anyone is going, e-mail me at [email protected]


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I think everyone is still working on their rigs haha, I will be going out around my house in verdi to test the flex and make sure nothing breaks :eek: retorque it all and get it aligned.


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Sorry, Connect is right my rig is still on jack stands :( I took my boss' stock cherokee out for a short run yesterday and ended up putting a nice little gash in the rocker panel. :squint: That's not so bad his son, who I was with, high centered on a rock and ripped the heads of two of the bolts on his crossmember :yup: Then he ran out of gas :D within sight of his graduation party down the hill and his girl in the truck.