ARB O Ring?

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My front arb (dana 30) started acting up on steves loop last weekend. I'm getting oil blow-by out of the solenoid. In the past I had some blow-by do to cycling the arb to much, removing the line and blowing fluid out cured this. Locker works fine. Anyone know what blown O rings cause? Any advice? Do you arb owners have any blow-by when using your locker?
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Mike, I spoke to my installer about this because my rear ARB solenoid sometimes pukes gear oil when I use it a lot. He said it is most likely caused by oil getting past the o-rings, but its so common that its not worth worrying about unless it is puking a lot of oil.

Now the front ARBs for the Dana30 have another issue. In the instructions I have it specifically warns the installer to make sure the drain passages are large enough so that gear oil can drain back into the lower part of the diff. If they are not large enough, the installer needs to enlarge the holes. If gear oil cannot drain back, the instructions say it will puke out a lot of oil.

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Thanks Eric,
I'm not to worried about it, as it works fine. I just needed some conformation that the ARB will indeed blow oil. Now I just need to find my air leak.