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Press release
From: Advance Adapters
Dept: Marketing
Date: 6/21/05
Re: Atlas 6.0:1

Advance Adapters is pleased to announce the release of the Atlas 6.0, Offering the lowest crawl ratio available in any transfer case while delivering the legendary bulletproof durability you have come to expect from AA. When you need the extra control of the lowest gear ratio on the market, choose the new Atlas 6.0 to tackle the most demanding terrain that today?s new breed of wheelers have set to conquer. The new Atlas 6.0 is great for those applications that require lower gear ratios, unmatched durability, compact size and lightweight.

Since it?s debut in 1996, the Atlas has been providing the ultimate in on and off road 4x4 performance. Today, the Atlas can be found in a variety of vehicles such as Broncos, Jeeps, Land Cruisers, and Toyota, Dodge, Chevy & Ford Trucks. Used in everything from daily driven Jeeps to Championship Rock Buggies, Make the Atlas your choice as an integral part of your 4x4 drive train.

Each unit comes standard equipped with a 32-spline Heavy Duty front output shaft and will be custom built for your application. The Atlas 6.0 is available now and will retail for $2635.00.

Remember; ask for the Atlas by name?there is no substitute.

For more information contact:

Lisa Linker
1-800-350-2223 Ext. 523
[email protected]

Dirty Harry

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Hmm, I wonder if this product is in response to the new 3 speed transfer case from Stak 4x4. The Atlas has been the only option for so long, I am curious to see how the competition affects the market. Who knows though, maybe this has been in the works for a while since so many comp guys are running powerglides now and they do not have a very low first gear.

I didn't know that Lisa Linker (Camo's wife from Pirate) was working there either, that is cool.