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I am looking at either purchasing the ITP Mudlites or the Maxxis Big Horns for Nevada/Nor. Cal Trail riding. Are any of you using these tires? What Tires would you suggest? The tires I have on my Honda Foreman 450 right now are from the factory and dont hold air at all anymore.



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I am using Sedona Mud Rebel Tires that I got from 4WheelOnline. The quality and the price is really good.
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I've used Tusk Terrabite on my SxS in the past, they did extremely well for the price.


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I've tried a lot of different ATV tires before but only ITP Mud Lite exceeds my expectation. I love how it provides good traction in any road condition especially on a muddy trail adventure. Tread life is excellent and the price is cheaper compared to other brands. I've been using this tire on my 2005 Kawasaki Mule for a couple of years now and it never disappoints me.
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