Audio tech or help me design an audio system


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I do not want a big thumpin stereo, but I'd like to be able to hear it when I'm on the highway with the doors off. I've got a Pioneer DEH-P77DH headunit, the headunit has preamp outs (3 pair). I don't know if I want a sub due to space constraints. I have stock speakers in the soundbar and something aftermarket in the dash., the sound sucks and they rattle when at anything above minimum level.



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your best bet is to get a set of high quality speakers and a good amplifier to power them. You dont need a sub if you amplify good speakers.


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All I've Got Is A Small Sub Box With 2 8's,a 600w Kenwood Amp & 2 Aftermarket 3.5" Speakers In My Sound Bar & It Goes Really Loud. You Are More Than Welcome To Swing Over & Hear It. :)


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What I would do is just invest it a set of polk audio 6x9's (the mmx) they are very loud and compensate for no bass, get two 6x9" speaker boxes (or make one real easY). Take that kenwood amp and run it off the preout's, hook up those 6x9's, and you'll be able to hear it doing on a bicycle.

If the aftermarket deck is like a 50x4 (50 watts per channel) then you can run the stock speakers (or an aftermarket set) real loud probably louder then you need.

If you buy speakers make sure they are at least 6.5" round or 6x9 otherwise they are too quiet to compensate for wind noise. I'd keep the stock tower speakers and get the 6x9's to run off the deck, and it should be way loud enough.

Need any help just ask, I've installed alot of stereos.
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