Axial RECON Ultra4 G6 presented by CKRC Hobbies 2-7-15


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When: February 7th, 2015
Where: Hammertown, USA (Johnson Valley, CA)

So you like Ultra 4 Racing & rc scale adventure. Do you have a favorite Ultra 4 driver? Maybe it’s a past King like Shannon Campbell or a future star like Jordan Pellegrino or beautifully talented Jessi Combs. Come join us for the first G6 of 2015 and experience one of the coolest off-road races on the planet.

1.9 Adventurist - All makes and models rolling on 1.9 scale tires. If you have stretched a 1.9 tire over a 2.2 rim, cool. Just no cut and shuts or comp tires, unless a ya don’t mind a time penalty.
2.2 Adventurist - All makes and models rollin’ on big tires! No matter what axles you have them mounted on, if it’s a 2.2 scale tire, this is your class. Showcase those big tires in special 2.2 Adventurist Only sections.
15 & Under Adventurist - Our young G6’ers will “do work” in this class.
Drivin’ Divas - For all the lady drivers of scale adventure.
Veterans Class 1.9 & 2.2 - For all our seasoned drivers 40 & over.

G Fee:
15 & Under Drivin Durty - $15.00
All other Classes - $25.00

Register Online here,

On site registration is available.

Saturday Schedule:
10:30am Online Registration Check-In.
11am On site Registration is open.
Noon - Drivers Meeting followed by the National Anthem.
G6 Start Following National Anthem.

Camping - Is primitive unless you have a camper & allowed everywhere except on the race course. Everyone is welcome to come camp with the G-Crew and Falvey Designworx in the Pit Bull Tire Dawg Pound. Where we will be having nightly trail runs and maybe a UAR race or two. Here’s the GPS Coordinates; 34° 24.023'N, 116° 32.034'W This is gonna be a great KOH.

Stage Intel:
A tow strap is mandatory.
5 scale items are mandatory.
3 Military or Gold Mining or Indian scale items are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
200 +/- Trail Markers.
Bump-n-Dance Khatel Kanyon

Johnson Valley offers some amazing terrain to experience scale adventure like only the RECON G6 provides. Don’t let another King of the Hammers pass you by. Emmerce yourself in a unique off road race. Get lost in Hammertown. Visit us at the Axial Racing Booth & come get your scale adventure fix, in the 2015 Axial RECON Ultra 4 G6 presented by CKRC Crawlers.


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Sounds like fun Brian. Unfortunately, I won't be making it down there again this year.