axle mods


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how much do you guys think it might cost to shorten an axle? (9-inch)
if they do narrow the axle can i still get replacement shafts if i narrowed it down to a jeep yj width?

and-how strong is the dana 30 front axle? i was thinking of putting a 44 in but it would cost a lot- custom driveshafts, puttin the tie rod on top of the knuckle, the whole lot. If i upgraded, like a kit from superior axle and gear for like 900 dollars, can i run 35s and arbs?

finally- so if i run a ford 9 in in the rear and an upgraded dana 30, can i at least put 35s and a locker in them and not be worried?
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30 is fine with 35s

for the rear, look for a 95-newer Ford Explorer 8.8, it's Jeep pattern, width and disk brakes.


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yea ive seen lots of 8.8s and there usally found in Explorer and some can be found in areostars with allwheel drive and crownvics as for the 9in good if not the best easly found its your choice which one u want there both good axles
and ive seen alot of ppl swap both 8.8 and 9in to there jeeps and other 4x4s and theye been happy wiht them


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if you are going to get custom rear shafts for the 9 inch, then you could just get them made to the same lug pattern as the jeep 5 on 4.5. Good luck