back top window switch


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88 4runner
So I'm trying to find the break in the connection between the back window switch and the back window. I've read about a bolt needing to be in place for it to work. I've found that bolt, and the thing it's supposed to screw(?) into. thing is, it doesn't seem to connect anything. I don't get it. I think I might have some parts missing from it.
for one thing, when the bolt is in, it isnt even touching the top of this thing. it's connected to the wiring harness that goes the length of the truck, but it doesnt seem to have a purpose, although there are some contacts inside it that maybe are for something? i dont know.
I've looked at 4crawler and searched forums with no luck. I just think this component isn't complete.

this is where the bolt goes, and where it connects to the wiring harness

this is the inside contacts. an empty void inside.


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i figured it out. the thing fell apart at some point and the innards fell straight down into the 'walls' of the truck. luckily, they've been sitting there the whole time and i was able to put it all back together.
now the problem is my back door light is always on. that would probably make the window not work, right?


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Yes it would. The red light on the dashboard goes out when the tailgate is locked. Push the button down back there.

And that bolt does indeed complete the circuit, so when the top is off the window won't go up or down. If your still having problems, check the connector in the drivers rear corner.