Bamboo Roof Rack Prototype Teaser Pic


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Here is a teaser pic of the Bamboo Roof rack under construction for my squareback. Corners will be hemp wrapped, and the rack will be coated with polyurethane when finished. Here is a pic during mock up yesterday. Also doing license plate frames out of bamboo. It should all be finished and on the car this weekend. Troy



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Hmmmm....Not PVC??? LOL

Will it be strong enoug to handle shifting loads and/or to tie stuff to ???


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Bamboo is super strong. I was stationed in Asia for a while, and some of them build scaffolding and homes out of it.

Just needs to hold my surfboard......


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Sweeeeeeet!!!! A mobile Tiki bar! I haven't seen one of those since Burning Man 2008. I remember seeing it com into our camp but damned if I can remember seeing it leave....