Best Ways to Get Involved and Save Trails


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Hi all, I know you're not new to land use here at Reno4x4, but I thought I'd drop by anyway and post up a bit. I've been swamped lately (which is good) with new folks asking me sup? with land use and route designation and such. I think they're seeing gates where gates don't belong. :pissed:

I get asked often what the main things are that folks can do to save trail (and keep our sports alive). My answer boils down to these four things:

1. JOIN everything you can afford to join – national, regional, state and local groups and clubs, starting with the BlueRibbon Coalition (
2. ADVOCATE for you sport – talk it up; talk to folks who don’t know us; be passionate and informative about what you love to do.
3. INCLUDE others – by doing ride alongs, organized runs, and politician rides. Take along a member of the local press.
4. LETTERS – write them when asked; or when you know something needs your opinion and input.

One simple solution I offer folks is the One-for-One proposal. For every time you get to go on a ride, do one meeting or write one letter. One for one. It works.

Learn more about getting involved and what you can do on my land use website at:

thanks ,Del


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Thanks for the welcome. And yes, I know Reno4x4 folks are out there helping to keep out suff alive and well. All of us at BlueRibbon, and me especially, appreciate that mucho. :thumbsup:

I think a lot of you know, but Stac and I live just over the hill and we LOVE your country -- NV desert, hills, mountains, ghost towns, old mines, and history (all done on wheels). :) I wanna make sure we also help you keep your stuff open.