Broken limited slip.


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So here is the reason my diff was making so much noise. The ring gear was basically fine. I put a couple of other pictures of the broken diff over in my Gallery if you want to check them out.

So what happened is the little keeper pin came out, which allowed the shaft holding the worm gear in place to slip out, which allowed the worm gear to be pushed out far enough to get caught by the pinion teeth, which caused many things to be broken.

Good Times...



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The little pin is supposed to be bound by the ends of the case when it is all assembled. It somehow broke. I'm not really sure why, but given the setup of the worms, it could place a load in that direction, and after enough hits it could break the pin (I guess). One of the two other pins is broken, but just in one spot so it still holds the shafts in place.

I get the feeling this is the result of gradual wear, and if I had paid enough attention when I was changing fluids I might have noticed the broken pins and at least been able to replace those.


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Connect said:
This is not putting much confidence in L/S's for me :)

The L/S's are fine. This is just another fine example of "Wheeling with Travis". Definately worth the price of admission.....


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After a little research, I have discovered that this particular type of limited slip - Torsen Gleason - does not generally hold up well to larger than stock tires. Although I am only on 31's, I push it pretty hard, so I guess it should be no suprise that I broke it. The chewed worm gears are pretty common.

This unit is no longer available, and the Detroit true trac is supposedly much stouter and capable of handling the rigors of off road travel. And, although it is a clutch type unit, the Auburn I am getting is also supposedly much stouter.

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Hummer H1s come with the Torsen Gleasen type diff, and I have seen them break under very heavy loads and torque, but otherwise they are a great limited slip. It looks like the True trac is very similar. They are good cause if you apply "brake throttle modulation" or a little brake preload, they can lock up pretty much 100%. They teach it to Humvee drivers and I have seen it work with the Tru trac. A regular limited slip will lock up with B.T.M., but not as well as a worm gear type.