Bronco Canyon Lockwood Access Private Property?


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Went out to Lockwood earlier today with plans to run Bronco Canyon and El Chupacabra:eek: :skull . Started unloading the buggy when two guys drove up and told me that I was on private property and all roads in that area were property of Storey county and not open for public use.:confused: I asked the guy since when has public access been not allowed in the area. His answer was that public access has never been allowed in that area and referred me to a sign posted down the road which clearly states that a portion of that area is private property and vehicle travel is restricted to main roads only. The sign does not say that vehicle travel is forbidden through the property. These guys that I encountered were posting no trespassing signs all over the place near the TRW gate and the quarry. Funny thing is that none of their posted signs looked very official or had any Storey County insignias or notation on them. Just a simple no trespassing sign from the hardware store with "Storey County property" written by hand with a marker pen. These guys didn't look official either nor did their vehicle. They didn't identify who they were with (agency) either. We decided to just leave and went and ran Twista instead. The whole deal this guy was spewing sounded like:bs: to me. Anybody ran into this situation out there before? Is that area really closed to public access like these guys are claiming?


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most of the lockwood bronco canyon area is in fact private property :( Nothin you can do about it. They dont take kindly to trailered rigs being parked there, but a group of vehicles can usually drive through


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kairo said:
most of the lockwood bronco canyon area is in fact private property :( Nothin you can do about it. They dont take kindly to trailered rigs being parked there, but a group of vehicles can usually drive through
Who are "they" and WTF is the difference between a trailered vehicle driving through or a group of vehicles driving through? There were several trucks with quad trailers parked in the area also. No one was being ticketed or given warning about being parked in the area. These guys I encountered didn't threaten me with any citations or tickets either. These guys were telling me that there is no off road access allowed in that area because it is Storey County property and there is no open public BLM land. A while back I ran into one of the watchguards for TRW out there and he told me some interesting information regarding the TRW access road that definitely doesn't coincide with what the mystery sign poster guys were claiming. Maybe somebody with some factual information can explain the access situation out there for me.
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Maybe someone could contact Storey County and get some answers? I don't know where the areas are so I'd be little help here.

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Sounds like B.S. to me. You should have requested their identifictions and who they represent (I'm betting it was a local property owner). If they are not willing to provide I.D. you know its not a legal closure.


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if it is county land unless it is officialy marked no vehicles then u can drive on it. if it is a county road it doesnt matter how many no trespassing signs there are- the county owns 50 feet from the centerline of the road on either side and you are allowed to drive on it (you cant drive off it to private property). the state always uses EX plates and if they were doing work for the state or county they would have had an official vehicle that said "official use only" and had EX plates. (i used to work for the state) they love to waste money on metal signs and dont buy hardware store signs... those were just locals who didnt want you driving near their houses i would guess.

tell u what i'll try to piece together a map that shows public lands u can drive on in Arcmap... put my damn education to some use.


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Thanks for the information. I am suspecting these guys were local home/property owners. Checked the plates and they were definitely not exempt. Seems to me I heard something about some of the homeowners up in VC Highlands were falsely claiming that Lousetown road was private and not open to public access into the Bronco Canyon area. I have always went in to that area through Lockwood just to avoid any potential problems with the home owners. I am starting to think the sign posters were actually VC Highlands homeowners trying to keep people from entering the area from Lockwood then later exiting the area through Lousetown road.:pissed: :nono:


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They pull that crap all the time up there and on the Giger summit road over to Jumbo. If you come into the Bronco area from the Mira Loma side there is a sign with a plot map that shows what is private and what is BLM. It also makes it pretty clear that it's okay to be there as long as you stay on the road. IIRC the road is actually a state route, it started out as a toll road competing with Toll road on Giger grade in the Comstock days. Once the VT&R was in operation all the toll roads eventually went out of operation. The Lockwood route was taken over by the state along with serveral others, including the Ophir toll road.


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Remember guys,before you crawl on someones hood you'll need proper representation(RARE CJ-8)!:yes: :D And no, I learned that in HARD PIP'IN-MO-FO'S SCHOOL OF EDICATE,in other words THE HARD-CORE FORUM!:thefinger :D


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If you guys can get me the coords for Bronco Canyon I can find out who the owner of the land is and the accesses to it. If the access is public land or county road, all you need is verbal permission from the property owner and there's nothing the VC highland posse can do about it short of buying the land.

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We need to find out about the EL CHUPACABRA :skull !


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