California Turkey Hunting

Anyone have any first hand knowledge of some turkey hunting spots in Northern California?

I have never been but I am planning on going and will be doing some scouting before hand. After some internet research I am looking at Nevada and Lake county areas so far.

Thanks in advance.

Mark O

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I'm trying to find out some information on this also. I have my In-laws that lived down there for the last 10 years calling friends ect trying to find a spot to go. I'll let you know if I find out any information.

I tried to go scouting a few weeks ago but it rained all weekend so that was a bust. I had to visit some frineds in Lake county last weekend so we decided to get in some turkey hunting as well. Had a great time, beautiful country, but not a turkey to be had, heard, or seen. We hit some burn areas from the fire there last year but nothing serious. I think the birds just havent returned from when they escaped the fire. We went to the Cache Creek Wildness area.

Before we left I talked to BLM and the wildlife biologists. All were very nice and helpful and I would encourage anyone to call and talk to them.

this website had some good but old info

also check out the Jay Scott Outdoors podcast on Itunes for some turkey hunting tips and knowledge. Really good podcast.