CalROCS 2010 The Giants Throne Round 2, who's in

CalROCS @ The Giants Throne Round 2 June 5th and 6th

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June 5Th and 6Th at the Giants Throne, exit 28 off I80.

Once the Crawl comp is over, the festivities move down below.

June 5Th
Events for all ages:
Freestyle motor cross by Livfast
Flame thrower

Adult only party (additional 10.00 cover charge:
102 boob jump world record
Wet t-shirt contest
Saddle Tramps rock band
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I highly encourage people to camp its 20 bucks for the weeekend And the party is awesome after the comp!!!!!Good food and good company!


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Pending we are done moving that week we are in. Also have the Cali boys coming for this one could be 12 of us if they all show. :)


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Team Trent Fab will be there camping.....Yotapower,Joe the Toe,CATALYST ,and Derek(TFAB)
What kind of showing are we going to have from This event is going to be insane, not just for the hardcore rock crawling comp, but the FMX show from Livfast and the band Saddle Tramps playing.