CB-Ham base antenna Antron A99


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Got a hunt coming up? Wanna set up a CB basestation ? Want to have a decent antenna at the house? Here it is, the Solarcon-Antron A99 fiberglass antenna. 17 feet of "Get out there and be heard" magic.
Yes there are lots of other antennas out there that do it better. But at this price, this is the easiest, simplest, most effective bang for the buck. Mount it to a pipe, add coax and your on the air. Will tune for ham both 10-12 meters at the antenna, and work other bands with a tuner. Great condition, used for a few months then put up a hex beam.
Comes with original box, some pipe mounts (not oe) and a copy of the instructions. $60. Can meet in the reno-sparks-carson area.
Here's a link to the craigslist ad.


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Hex beam, huh? Id love a three element yagi but the domestic partner vetoed that. So stuck with screwdriver vertical and the g5rv that won’t stay connected. Coax keeps breaking..

Good luck with sale. Great deal on a great antenna.


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Well i have no partner issues, just space issues! I would like to put up a mosley tri band beam but.... hexes are nice. I built mine for 6,10,11,12 just so it would be small. Works great and i turn it with a tv ant rotater. If i cant sell the antron, I'll paint it and put it back up in front of the house!