CCW wait time

Those wait times are crazy compared to what the times are here in Wisconsin. I had my ccw card in my hand before the check cleared the bank. I want to say it was 5 business days, and I also got the Utah as well so i'm covered in a large majority of states.


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I heard closer to 90 days. This was 2 weeks ago. The office is a mess still. They told me my instructor wasn't listed but low and behold the guy doing the initial paperwork was wrong. It took an hour to get out back with only 2 people and myself there. Good luck.
i dont know how they do it, but i had three friends all file for ccw at different times (1 or 2 weeks apart), all got them in the mail the same day. i think they waited about 50 days. i applied the 21 of jan, still waiting, then i dont have to pay a background check every time i buy a gun. this was for washoe...
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My renewal submitted to WAshoe and New non resident for Utah submitted same day. Got Utah back in 2 weeks. Washoe? About 8 weeks. Was a bummer because the old Washoe permit expired during the wait time.


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I wonder what happened, there was a time Washoe was pumping them out faster than Carson. I wonder if their work load increased due to the new pro 2A sheriff.


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"It's cause everyone else already has a permit. The only reason it took 10 days is that they had to find someone who still remembered how to process CCW application."

Could be, we are all silver diggin, gunslingers up here.