Charlie's 'Project Poz-R'


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Thanks to Aarron and the Big O' Crew for pimpin my ride :disagree: :rolleyes: I know it's not a 4x, but it'll have to do for now. Don't laugh too hard, it's paid for :)

btw...Aaron, the spare mounted just fine using the mount from the old Xterra...



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18" factory wheels with ~33" tire. These are 17" with ~33" tire. It's about the max you can/should go without lifting it. Tires for a 17 are a heck of a lot easier to get than 18. There a wee bit cheaper as well.


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nah, nobody cares. I've pulled up next to a billion cops, and I dont think they even know what they are. In fact, I dont think they're illegal, just not "dot approved"

Aaron: is your tire store the one right by your house? (Big O?)


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Not likely, but I'll let you set them straight if it comes up ;) I look at it this way, the more of these beaTlocks (i.e. fake) that are mounted, the more they start to look normal and no one will get hassled.

deadandcompany said:
I hope you dont get a ticket for having "beadlocks".


kairo said:
In fact, I dont think they're illegal, just not "dot approved"

Exactly. And look how much stuff on our rigs isn't DOT approved (just about everything thats not OEM!)


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i think the only thing stock on most of our rigs is the frame and body....which even our bodies have mods to em'.


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The step rails are more for my wife and step mom, but yah they are kind of goofy. As far as leveling the truck goes--you should have seen the rake before I did level it (The front sat about 3" lower if you can believe it) :D

Think kindly of me though, most vehicles I've had, all the running gear/add-ons were done with POR-15 with liberal black rattle-can touch up. I guess I'm taking a break from that and putting as many shiny things as possible on this one... :cool: :rolleyes:

As an aside: lifting this truck costs most people ~$5,000 to do correctly with a 6-8" lift (ProComp and CST). Sure, I could run 35's (maybe 37's with trimming/hacking), but at that point performance would suck, the Nissan spec'd 'Dana 44' would be nuked and need a possible re-gear...just not worth it.
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