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Hi. I have a friend who is currently serving in Iraq. His wife called me today and asked if I'd be willing to help get his old CJ5 together. I have alot on my plate already but I'd love to surprise my friend on his return by having his old jeep up and running. It has wiring issues and I was considering just buying a complete new harness. Where would be the best place to do so. I'd like it to be complete. Thanx. NORM

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I know it's a CJ5 so it's probably a 70s model. I know it's a V8 but I forget which brand. I know it's not a Ford or Chevy so I guess that leaves Dodge and AMC.

Thanx for the link.
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This is the email I got from my friend Chris in Iraq on the CJ:

The list for the jeep is long, as I remember, here goes:
-- Dashboard wiring is mismatched, most gauges inop, and the ignition key wiring has a wire crossed somewhere with the running lights (for example, you can park with the engine running and the lights on, turn the key off and take it out, and the engine stays running until you turn the lights off. Wierd I know, long story from when I painted it and had the dashboard disassmbled for painting, I'll explain it later. Simple fix of following the wiring diagram in the manual, replacing light bulbs, and troubleshooting.
-- Wiring to fuel tank gauge sending unit or sending unit inop (believe it's actually the sending unit in the tank that's bad, I had replaced it when I converted the stock 12 gallon tank and put in a 20 gallon tank and the sending unit I found for a 20-gallon tank was suspect and never really worked right).
-- Engine is a stock AMC/MOPAR V8 304. Runs great, no smoke, but I imagine many of the seals have been dryrotted from sitting too long, same goes for the transmission (stock manual 3 speed), transfer case, front and rear diffs (stock 3.77:1) pinion seals and main seals, but I think the hub seals should all be OK. No major problems with the power train. Shift linkage to the transfer case is sloppy and needs some adjustment. Don't ask me the mileage, just don't know since the odometer was inop when I took it over from George in high school but that was a simple cable fix. I can't remember what the odometer reads, but it's not that high considering it's a 30-year-old vehicle that never got a lot of highway time.
-- Reverse lights inop. Never cared about this since the old tirerack covered the lights. The brake lights are moved from the corners to the alternate mount that AMC precut on the bumper, so those didn't need to be cut or covered.
-- Steering Wheel shaft is loose, the brace plate that secures it to the firewall is cracked and needs to be replaced.
-- I've got Jeff to thank for leaving out most of the freakin' leafspring bushings! Yep, I never got around to putting them back, Hey, I was poor in college! Probably could use a better lift kit since the half-*** approach that Jeff and I used results in occasional fender rub when hard steering, I put on too big tires:). Steering knuckle, etc bushings are probably all dryrotted by now too.
-- No emissions gear (smog pump, charcoal canister, etc. all removed by my brother before I even started driving it back in High School), would only pass emissions in counties like Douglas and rural Nevada where Smog checks aren't required, unless there's an alibi for a 1974, but I don't think it's old enough. Definitely can't be registered in California!
-- I've got a couple boxes of pre-cut rear corner panel(need to do the cutout for the fuel tank inlet) and rocker panel diamond plate as well as a new tailgate spare tire sitting in a box in the back of the jeep as well. I never put the trailer hitch back on, it's a ***** to get back in place on the frame with the 20 gallon tank sitting in there. Canvas top and windows are all fairly new and in good condition. Can't remember if I left the CB in it, I don't think so but I think the cabling is still in place.

Overall, not a lot of expensive parts (unless I put on a better lift kit), just a LOT of time, sweat, and cussing getting seals and little parts fixed and days of troubleshooting.


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Here are a couple more places to look,www.quadratec.com and www.4wd.com both of these sites have tons of stuff for jeeps(unfortunately a huge section for yj's, tj's, quite a bit of cj stuff but not nearly enough :( ).