Comp crawlers


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I've got a Crawler and a Brawler, If I get some time, I'd be game to warm up the motors, but this week is would be too tough. I'll shoot you a PM Kirtus in the next day or so.................

moonrocs RC valve job forklift 057.JPG

Wraith Action 042.JPG

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toms icon ii and yeti screen 010.JPG

park lot yeti 007.JPG
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The comp crawling scene here in Reno has basically died off in favor of scalers. I know there are one or two groups over in Nor Cal that still hold regular comps though.

If you and Pit plan a GTG/fun run, post up and Ill try and make it.


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I just picked up a wraith and am new to the rc hobby. But would love to come out an play. I know I've got lots to learn and modify but love playing with the wraith. Borrowed a buddies and got the fiancé hooked so was able to finally purchase one with out her giving me the, what are we children look. Ha. Only have the links, servo and horn upgraded right now but I'm sure there'll be more later. Definitely interested if you get something together.