Cost for Shock Nitrogen Refill?

Could someone confirm whether this is a reasonable price. I've never recharged shocks before, so I don't have a sense of the going rate.

The quote I got was ~$120 quote for all 4 corners. It seemed a little high to me. The shocks are Radflo shocks that require a needle filler, if that matters.

Thanks! J4R


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I change $30 for 4. I don't have the needle adapter either. Maybe you should buy one so you have it. Its kinda rare for shock filling.


Go talk to Phil Liberty Mountain Fab, THE man when it comes to shock tuning and he's a Radflo dealer.


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I’d second Phil at Liberty Mountain since he is a dealer. He knows what he is doing too. His social media is filled with before and after stuff for tuning for shocks.