dana 30 vs. dana 44


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this has been strange to me... with the dana 30 its a vaccuum that engages the 4wd in the pumpkin... if this is right...will the dana 44 from 1979 work with the NP-203 transfer case... or do i have to get locking hubs?


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The Vaccum Disconnect That Jeep did was them trying to get better gas mileage out of the jeeps of that time, you can run a non disconnect axle without any problems and it will be controlled by just your trasnfercase, with the T-Case is not engaged then it is allowed to spin freely, so you can run the D44 without having to add Locking Hubs or anything like that. just make sure that the Gears are the same as the rear.



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the 44 you have has locking hubs, so it shouldn't be a problem. The locking hubs replace the vacuum disco. Also, you can run it with mis matched gears as long as you don't put it in 4wd. If you go this route, leave the front driveshaft off until you get it done. It will be easier and cheaper to get the gears installed when the axle is out....