Death Valley 2011 Trip talks

Air Sierra

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We are planning a Trip to Death Valley again this year, So far there are 4 of us going. Dates are around April 16-24 plus or minus a couple day...

This is more of a Exploring type of trip, with camping at different locations every night or almost every night.

Air Sierra

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What areas are you planning to explore?

Not sure yet but head in by Lone Pine, stop at the Hot Springs first night, then hit the Race Track etc....just hit all the outer area's as much as possible. I guess it also depends how much snow in some the mountain pass's too. I will take a look at a map and see.

We could be interested, if we could scrounge up a tow rig. We have the use of a trailer, but nothing to tow it with. :(
what about your Jeep???


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Jeep Expeditions .Org is planning their Death Valley trip for April 9th to 16th.
After I run with them I may be able to hook up with the Reno 4X4 Group for a few days.
We will mainly be at the North end of Death Valley Park this year and will be base camped at Mesquite Springs Campground.
As you know this is a "Jeep Only" club and we have 18 Jeeps signed up for this year so far and will be going to:
Eureka Dunes
Steel Pass ( if not too much snow )
Saline Valley Warm Springs
Lippencott Road
The Racetrack
Teakettle Junction
Ubehebe Crater
Scotty's Castle
There are no Gas Stations in this part of the park and everyone will be required to have at least one extra 5 gallon gas can.

Death Valley NP is a large park and it is best to try and limit yourself to certain areas or you will be doing too much driving to and from places.
Let me know if I can help.