Death Valley must see's

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We are planning a trip to Death Valley, and wanted to see what the must see attractions are. Will likely be tent camping in the back country rather than campgrounds, but not totally opposed to them either. Going to have a 5 day window start to finish, so would like to see as much as possible! Also, where is a good place to get maps of the area?


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lippincott mine road, race track, golar wash,Saline valley hot springs, trona pinnacles, barker ranch,

for sure

titus canyon (!!!)

for starters...


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Here are the maps I use, best to the left

Manly is a must read, amoung other things it describes the saga of the ill fated Bennett-Arcane party and the Manly/Rodgers 250 mile trek out of Death Valley, then back in, then back out again. I traced their route as best I could

There is a great jeep trail following this route going from Panamint Valley over Manly pass. Note that Warm Spring Cyn pretty much follows the route.

Titus is a must, it is one way so maybe start your trip from Beaty. Then do Furnace Creek, head down West Side Rd to Bennett-Arcane Long Camp site, out Warm Spring Cyn, to Stripped Butte, Miners Cabin, Mengle Pass, Barker Ranch, Goler Cyn, emigrant trail over Manly Pass. Hop into Ridgecrest for fuel, then head to Ballarat to camp. You must do Surprise Cyn, excellent camping up there and a running stream.


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Just wondered if you are going down 395 or 95 ? And how much payment or dirt ? If 395 you can hit the dirt @ 20miles outside of Big Pine .Its worth it just to stop @ Schats for the Chili Cheese Bread !!!! If 395 I would hard left @ Big Pine and go in Saline Valley road About 3 hours past Bishop to the Hot springs and are worth it .Its all maintained by volunteers . Eureka Dunes are cool bout the same as Sand Mountain . And Steel Pass is only 10 minutes of rocks and 4 hours of slow driving . Then off to Lippincott maybe to Titus Canyon .I guess it Bishop or Beatty .And how far south you want to drive ...


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Having a hard time finding my southern NV & CA maps Sam....I'll keep looking. I don't get down that far south much so they got mothballed.


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I always use Beatty as fuel point and to get a hotel room for a day to wash up.
Dantes View is awesome. Have jackets, it's cold up there.
Artists Drive is nice.
Although Tea Kettle junction and further on is nice, the washboard roads really took it out of me. ( I was in a honda element).
A trip down to Badwater for pictures is a must.