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Had my first DW while heading to pyramid lake at 65mph :eek: last week.
Man it got interesting quick. I had to lay on the brakes and saw the steering wheel to slow the oscillating effect of the front tires. I was lucky no one was behind me. I made it to the lake (even landed some nice fish) and home without any other trouble. Just a constant shake in the steering.
A trip to the tire store revealed a bent front rim and out of balance tires. Had the tires rotated and rebalanced. The xj drives like a dream now (a lifted, top heavy, noisy dream anyway). I have been running without a steering stabilizer for awhile, I might throw it back on. :disagree:
Keep them tires balanced on your rigs.


Glad you found the problem so quick. Out of balance tires and bent wheel? Do you remember when that happened? Offroad or on?

The reason why I'm curious is I've been wondering about getting those TrXus MT's in the 35" flavor. Velvetant is on his second set so he must like them. What is your opinion? I've really liked the MT/Rs (had 2 sets) but I'm thinking of trying something different, not to mention... 35" MT/Rs are out of stock everywhere until at least middle of June.


Fish Sticks

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I bent the rim 2 weeks ago, its not bad and its on the inside. One of the tires/rim required 11 oz of weight, seems like alot for 33's. Cheap tires and steel rims. I will probably go MTR's and alloy when I go to 35's.


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I sold a set on Saturday (35x12.5x15), we hade them in stock. I can get them with little trouble usally. Big O Tires on Mae Anne, ask for me. We can get swampers too, Randy bought his set for me also.