Demolition Derby Sunday


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Anyone go to the Demolition Derby at the State Fair?
What a great show!!
One 'iffy' and dangerous thing we saw was one of the rescue rigs-- the vehicles that recover immobile cars from the arena-- it was this black lifted YJ on what looks like D60s and 40" Swampers.

He was using a chain (what, no strap?) and, get this, he wrapped the tow chain right around left rear extended shackle. He did a couple hard side pulls and the left rear spring really took a beating, once nearly twisted the pack horizontal and did a nasty reallignment of the shackle. Sorry no pix-- but C'MON!! That's the most lame place in the woirld to mount a recoivery line, chain or not. We were suprised he didn't break the shackle or the leaf pack.




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Man, I was pissed i call them up and asked if they were having a Demo Derby this year (i Normally go each year but heard it was a new organizer this year) and they told me they were no longer having the derby at the fair. so i dident go down there at all :mad:


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yep it was a grand affair. its usually and always held on saturday night, after dark-- this year it was yesterday, sunday at 3pm. It was not the usual dudes-- Dutch Holland from, i think Yukia ,CA.

anyway, when i heard it was sunday at 3pm, i thought that could not be-- so i went to the state fail web sirte and sure enough, there it was.

saw a few area wheelers in the derby-- DAnny from Denny's Automotive and LD Landis from Twisted Metal. GREAT TIME! Lots of carnage!



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one of the guys from my work was driving the 98.1 car in the first heat,he was the dude throwin out all the candy and footballs,,and yep that was a great show as usual