Desert Racers: BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR (PROJECTS)

Reno Off-Road

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We Sell Baja T/A KR "Projects"
Shipping is free. Pre-ordered tires can be delivered at races where we are participating or attending.

BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR (PROJECTS)

This is the tire of champions. The BFG KR (Projects) have more overall wins in the SCORE off road series than any of its competing tires in desert racing.
Reno Off-Road with Scudders Performance took the podium at the HDRA 500 on BFGoodrich Racing Tires.

  • The tires are easily gooveable.
  • Long lasting in all hardcore terrain.
  • Best wear for desert racing in the industry.

BFGoodrich designs and produces some of the toughest, most competitive off road racing tires on the planet. BFG NON-DOT race tires are designed specifically for off road or closed course use and not approved for use on public roads.

These tires are non-DOT, race only tires. They are not street legal.
Below are the other sizes we sell, and the vehicle specific race class most used, and spec legal for SCORE International.

Available Sizes:

  • 35×12.50R15 Baja T/A KR – classes: 1 Unlimited, 7, 8, Full Stock
  • 37×12.50R17 Baja T/A KR – classes: Trophy Truck, 1 Unlimited, 7, 8, Full Stock
  • 39×13.50R17 Baja T/A KR – class: Trophy Truck, 1 Unlimited
  • 42×13.50R20 Baja T/A KR – class: SCORE Trophy Truck only, not BITD legal due to height

BFG-Baja-Projects.png pro-am-forged-wheels-with-bfg-baja-ta.jpg Picture1.jpg 555498_267260513375706_1647020789_n.jpg