Does anyone in town fix welders?


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I have a pos Esab Fab 211i that stopped feeding wire and stopped arcing. It activates gas solenoid and I have 0 ohms at whip plug when I press trigger. I thought bad PCB so I got a quote on one, $1100. I paid $850 for this pile 4 years ago, put probably 10 hours on the thing. I tried troubleshooting but I’m too stupid for this kind of shit. Closest Esab service centers are boise, sac, SLC. I was hoping there was someone in town that might be able to at least make sure I’m not missing something obvious. I’m sure not spending 1100 on a board though.

My first and last Esab at any rate.


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I was in Sierra Welding yesterday getting some co2 and inquired about getting my Miller repaired. He said that they have a guy that comes through once a week and takes them for repair. Might give them a call and ask. It could save you a drive to Sac.


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x2 on Werty. He's fixed electrical stuff for years before he started repairing welding machines