Dragon claw coming today.


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I don't have any ammo for it yet bolts or pellets and the compressor is probably 15 days away coming from China and I also don't have a tank for it but I'm hoping the local paintball shop will be able to charge the gun for at least a few shots and I'll be able to find parts locally.

My first air rifle since I was probably 12


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PCP airguns are not very popular in America. Everything is far more expensive than it should be.

But I'd say its a good prepper investment.

China = $250
Other compressors equal in ability start around $1200 and go way up from there.

Its for sure not a cheap hobby.


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I've got a compressor if you need to fill it. What one did you end up going with? PCP guns are pretty rad. I've got a FX Impact. I wish I had gotten the crown instead but they were months backordered when I had my pest problem.