Electric Impact wrench


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Time to get a impact wrench, my compressor bit the dust and wont be replaced anytime soon.




It will be typical not often shade tree mechanic type use


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Both Lower A arm bushings and rack and pinion bushing are shot on the 4 runner. 140K miles but also 14 years old. Looks like it will take a few hours but otherwise a simple task with a Impact Wrench


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I have a cordless Porter Cable. I got it just because I happen to have the Porter Cable drill and other cordless stuff. Its got as much power as my tired air impact gun, probably more. They do vary in their torque ratings, so find one with the oomph you need.

I am sold on the cordless impacts. My air tools get used less and less.

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Do you have any certain brand of cordless power tools now? I’d just get a cordless impact that matches if you already have a drill driver or something.
I run Milwaukee tools, but any of the newer cordless impacts from any brand are pretty good compared to what they were a few years ago


I assume your looking and 1/2 inch drive? I have all both corded and cordless older Dewalts both work great as much or more power than air driven. The corded one is a workhorse. Cordless is very portable. Problem is they are very large and heavy as compared to air driven. There are times you can't get it where it needs to go.


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I have a 15 year old 12v Dewalt, the drill is in good shape but the battery is toast, thats my only cordless tool.

I have several milwaukee home power corded tools, and I've never had a problem with them. I'll get one of theirs.

Speaking of being to big for small spaces can you use a Impact wrench with a wobble head extension?