Events requirements


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  1. High lift and/or Bottle jack
  2. Lug wrench or Socket wrench with appropriate socket
  3. Shovel
  4. Tow Strap(s)
  5. Appropriate front and rear recovery points
  6. Basic tool set (wrenches, pliers, hammer, etc.)
  7. Any specialty tools or parts your vehicle may need, i.e. special size allen wrenches, torx sockets, or fasteners, birfield joints
  8. Food and water for the longer runs. Dehydration can be as much of a risk as broken parts
  9. Spare tire of appropriate size
  10. CB radio recommended
  11. FRS radio recommended
  12. Extra oil/gas/fluids (stuff like brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil)
  13. First aid kit
  14. Fire Extinguisher

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and will be modified
several times as input is gathered from other people.
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Bring lots of water!
Minimum 1 gal per person per day.
Needed for drinking, washing, and radiators.
Oh, and to make Margaritas! :)


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