Finally the CB radio comes in handy


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I was going over the sierra street bridge to get on 80 to come home yesterday and there was traffic backed up allll the way from as far as I could see. Turned the CB on, queried the problem, and was able to identify that the accident up ahead would not impede my advance on the 395 interchange. Turned a potential 3 hour wait into a 20 minute wait. Think that's the first time I've ever used my CB outside of 4wheeling


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On 80 coming over to cali there is a construction spot about 10 miles long, there is one chp officer on both eastbound and westbound at ALL times. The truckers always have a fix on them (channel 19, trucker channel woot woot!) so just ask where the "bear" is eastbound or westbound and you'll get 50 answers.

I find I don't listen to the stereo much anymore since there is no bass, so everytime i get in my jeep to go somewhere I turn it on and listen.