Fired FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee


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"a idiot"?

How about "an idiot". Don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house.


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I'm loving watching all the blind Trump followers cheer him on for doing things they would have roasted Obama for.

I voted for Trump, and probably would again just to avoid Hitlary, but you cannot seriously think he's doing a great job up there. His twitter habit alone where he continuously contradicts himself and flip flops positions makes for all you need. It's not people bashing Trump, you can hold his own opinions against him.

As for this Comey thing, it isn't over since we mere mortals aren't privy to the confidential info from the confidential session that followed it. But the public session was not a victory for either party. I liked watching the senators fawn over him and his comments, many of whom have changed their tune from calling for his head no less than 6 months ago.