FOTR - Rubicon Tahoe side maintenance - Reno4x4 participation needed


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This is important

Rubicon Tahoe side maintenance list

This year has been deemed the Tahoe side year. FOTR has asked me to prioritize the list of to dos for the coming season.

I'm planning a meeting of Tahoe side clubs later this month and would like to know if Reno4x4 would like to send two members to attend. They would need to have a good knowledge of the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail.

Let me know ASAP.

Doug Barr
President - North Tahoe Trail Dusters
OHV Liaison with the TNF

I’m thinking Red’s Grill in Carson City on March 10[SUP]th[/SUP] but I’m open to suggestions to get all group at the meeting.


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i can make most nights during the week, but the weekends would be really tough for me, but that might just be my case most people might be fine with a weekend night.


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Meeting will be on Sunday, March 10[SUP]th[/SUP], 2-4pm at Red's Grill in Carson City.

No mass attendance needed, just need 2-3 people that can represent Reno4x4 well, as I won't be able to make it. PM me for details/if you'll be able to go.


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Eric (Dr. Smash) will be there represent I wouldn't hurt to have another person or two.


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here is a list of issues to discuss.

Edit: info deleted on request.
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I cant commit to meetings and the like but would like to help as much as possible when the work dates are scheduled. Thanks for stepping up Eric!


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Ya'll need/want me to go to this meetin? I've been on the fence about it but I do know the trail.

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I will do my best to break free from my clubs Swap Meet and Show and Shine. I can't commit to being there, but will be in contact with Doug and others to get up to speed.

Thanks to everyone that is able to make the time to contribute!

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Just realized, this is from last years meeting, just so happens Doug is going to be up there on the 10th again this year. Oops

Simple Man

On the 10th, (tomorrow) I'll be working with the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo's on the Twin Peaks Trail in South Tahoe. That afternoon, I'm planning on running up the Rubicon to check trail conditions.

FOTR has found a new Placer side lead (Eric Agee) to work with the three FOTR volunteer liaisons with the TNF (me), the LTBMU (Kade Hendrick) and Placer County (John Briggs).

We'll work together to get a plan for the season for the Tahoe side. The Placer grant will be a huge effort but probably won't need volunteers until late Aug, Sept or even early Oct. We'll get smaller projects planned out for earlier in the year.

Stay tuned.


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It is posted in several places, but will add here also.

We will be having a FOTR work party on July 17-20, 2014 to make improvements on Cadillac Hill. Specifically, work on covering the wire gabions below Morris Rock and hopefully below V-Rock. We have 2 pallets of concrete at Steve Morris's house, 7059 Miami in Tahoma, that we need to have moved to a staging area just above Morris Rock (top of Cadillac.)

On Thursday and Friday we will be moving any remaining concrete to the work site, prep the site and reinforce the gabions as needed and prepare the equipment on Cadillac for the heavy work day of Saturday, July 19th. Cadillac may experience some brief closures while we prepare and repair the gabions, but will not be completely closed to traffic on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, we want to start mixing concrete and covering the needed areas at daybreak and hope to be completed by 1pm so we can reopen Cadillac by 5 or 6. Cadillac will not be passable while we pour the concrete and wait for it to set enough to allow traffic. Once open, please try not to spin tires so it can completely harden for the rest of the weekend.

If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated, but at a minimum, please try to be patient and work with us while we make the trail a better place for all.

If you are able to help with anything, even if only a few bags of concrete on your way in, please sign the volunteer sign up sheet located at Steve's house or see one of the volunteers at Cadillac so we can document your hours. We need approx 3,500 hours to meet our portion of the grant.

Thanks for your help and understanding and feel free to contact me on my cell with any questions. 530-401-0800.

You can also find info here:

Those of us that work, will be able to camp in the Springs for free and Jeepers Jamboree will cook for us on Saturday night. I need a head count ASAP for us to be fed however.

Hope to see you up there next weekend!

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