Found my track bar bracket


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So Tom and I missed a part putting my lift on... an aftermarket track bar bracket, which apparently lowers the track bar(?), so I guess i should put it on. How much stress is the bar under, ie. am I going to have problems bolting everything up after I get the old one off. I know there was one part of my lift were we needed to use a ram or something to push the front wheels apart so we could get some parts to bolt up, is this going to happen with this bracket, or is it a basic bolt on affair....


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shouldnt be very hard. you may need someone to push the jeep to the side while you put the bolt in.


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On my lift I have to put it on after I set the vehicle down and under weight. Move the steering wheel to position it straight then tighten it down.

When I took it off it was on stands and wasn't under any pressure what so ever.

Hope that helps.