Franken-Jeep tune up shop?


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Looking for a decent shop in Reno to have my YJ tuned up for the summer and some troubleshooting on starting the jeep up (may be starter relay or ignition switch, not sure). Also looking to have a battery master switch installed (with a high amp rating), so I can completely prevent any drain from the battery when I'm out camping in the middle of nowhere. Engine is a HO 4.0 with supercharger and maybe a little too much jerry rigging.

Any suggestions appreciated!

Dirty Harry

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Nate's Precision is the first place that comes to mind for me but I don't know how backed up they are.

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Do some research online before you commit. There are some amazing new things out there now. Expedition portal and Ih8mud are good expo forums with tons of info about wiring and power management. Once you know what you want, it's easier to find a shop or diy it.