Garson Road access?


Driving on I-80 I see a lot of construction near the old firehouse (now flattened) at the Garson road entrance. Is access still available with the construction going on?

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A statement was made at tonight's Hills Angels meeting that Toll Brothers was aware of the access road and that their construction would not interfere with that access.

The Hunter Lake Trail could have an easement that protects it but no one knows for sure.

It should probably be researched sooner rather than later.


Thanks Doug. From i-80 I can see a green gate but lots of earth moving up there. I assume there would still be an access of some kind as there is a comm tower on Chimney Peak. Hopefully it stays public.

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It was estabished years ago that HLT has been considered a county road since the 1800's IIRC. Phil Bender worked extensively with the USFS, it cannot be blocked from public access on either side.