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it should be on a little dogtag looking thing thas hooked on by the two far left side bolts on the cover- either that or take off the cover and look for the stamping on the ring gear... your xj could have just about any ratio in it... my cherokee had 3.07s... for some stupid reason... and my wrangler came with 3.73's, but i think 3.54s, 3.73s, 3.93's, and 4.11s are the most popular ratios...


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I had the same question, so I looked in my Chilton's manual to see what is had to say. One way that you can tell is by putting a chalk mark on a tire and one the drive shaft. Roll the rig forward or back slowly for one tire rotation while an observer counts the number of shaft rotations. Compare the number of drive shaft rotations to the possible ratios. You can also put your rig up on jacks and turn the tire manually while counting.

I'm not sure what the possible ratios are for your make and model but it should be easy enough to find out. Heck I don't even know if all the ratios are standard for that matter. I just know that for my GMC Jimmy the possible ratios are 2.76, 3.07, 3.4, 3.73, and 4.11.

I still have to find out mine myself. Good luck with yours.


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Easiest way is to do what Rambler said. Spin a tire one revolution and count the number of turns of the driveshaft.

Or if you have the cover off and can't see a stamp, count the number of teeth on the ring and pinion, then divide them. For example 37 teeth on the ring and 9 on the pinion gives you 4.11 (not sure if those are actuall teeth counts for any axle but you get the point).


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I think it's even easier than that. If you have an 88, and the axles are stock, you have two choices with the 4.0 - stick = 3.07, auto = 3.54. The 4cyl got 4.10's. Some the earlier models had 3.73's

If the axle tag is still on the axle, then it will have the ratio on it. It will be on the lower left hand corner of the tag.