general grabbers at2? on a car?

thinking about getting some general grabbers at2 for my camry.
i make some bad decisions in the car, feel a/t tires would probably be a better option
seems like a popular tire for subarus and other awd cars.
i have arizonian silver tires on it now, and they worked great on the snow and all,
but they only lasted about 1.5 years (about 20,000 miles) which seems pretty bad

original size is 205/65r15
at2, 205/75r15 (about 3/4" bigger radius)

they weigh about the same as the tires i have on there (25 lb) some it probably wouldnt mess with drivetrain and mpg (30-34 hwy mpg)
clearance shouldnt be an issue
speedo would probably be a tab off

what do you guys think?
tread life
sidewall strength

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I love the AT2s. I run them on my VW Bug and also on my Touareg, so I don't think that you are nuts to put them on your car.


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They work pretty well on the Kia. On pavement they're very sure footed in the snow, so-so in the rain/puddling because they lack the vertical grooves that prevent hydroplaning. Off road they cake up mud like any other AT but clean fairly quickly, and for the first couple thousand miles they pick up every little pebble and fling it into your wheel well (guess that's why they call them grabbers).

Main reason I went with them is they are damn near a copy of the BFG tread pattern but 10-15% cheaper, and I've been happy.


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We've got them on a few pickups at work because they were stupid cheap compared to everything else and still looked like a good tire. They have been wearing good for the price and I think on a light weight car they would last even longer. I like your idea and they'd be great in the snow and ice I think. Maybe not as good on ice as a car type all season but I think you'd still be happy


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^^^ Yup. And I got an extra $10 off per tire having them price match their online only website at the store location.