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Welcome to desert racing, this was started at my request for all of us. Off roading involves more than just rockcrawling and trail wheeling. Off roading as we know it really started in the 50s with military surplus jeeps and beer :D As time went on, people and machines became more specialized, but many technologies and techniques cross over from sand sports, desert racing and prerunners, to rockbuggies to recreational four wheelers.
Off roaders need to group together, and need to communicate with each other to keep areas open and well taken care of so we all can have fun for years to come. For example, if local prerunner guys knew about the moon rock cleanup, more people would be there to remove trash and graffiti, and we would keep a better eye out for people abusing the area.
From what I know of, there are no local prerunner or desert racing groups, but it is essentially the same. I know many people that dont know much about rockcrawling, but are into prerunners and desert trucks and buggies. The same applies to everyone here. If you are into Jeepspeed, prerunners, sandcars and people that like speed and excitment. Post up. We need pictures, videos and news. This is the only place for local 4x2 people :D

Baja or Bust

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Finally some one to talk to about going a little faster them 5miles an hour. :bs:
Theres a race coming up in a few weeks Vegas to Reno, i think it starts on the 7 of oct.
Tech is the 6 of oct in Vegas. You people should go and see some cars haul some as$ through the desert.
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well im staring on my project some time this week geting it measuered up for a roll bar does that count?


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Desert racing was the thing that got me interested in offroad. Back in the seventies we would take our 4x4's out into the desert to watch the Mint 400. It will be interesting to read about how they make those rigs perform.

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Here's our newest member :no: