Gold Lake 4x4 Camp


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THose of you that have been up to Gold Lake 4x4 Camp- the lady really prefers to have a toilet of some sort- what kind of facilities rae up there. Also, from what I read a fullsize has no issues getting there- correct? Planning on going up there next weekend. Thanks!!


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Are you talking about the Gold Lake up by Bassetts? If so we went there for Labor Day it rocked!

I'm guessing we're talking about the same place because it was a fun 4x4 road to get into. I took my 2005 CTD quad cab in there. My wife drove the truck and I drove my jeep in that we trailered up there. I parked the trailer at the boat launch parking lot and drove back in there.

It was great there are fire pits and "outhouses" of sorts. Basically a toilet over a big ass hole in the ground. Bring your appetite because the crawdads are awesome. We caught hundreds each day. To the point were we had 3 - 5 gallon buckets full. We were boiling up pots as fast as we could cook them over the fire.

Make sure to turn at the sign that says Gold Lake boat launch and stay to the left. When the pavement turns to dirt go left and follow the trail around. It took us about 15-20 minutes to drive around to the campsites but it was worth it.

The first pic was our campsite. Its the first campsite you will come to as you are driving in on the road. It was nice this was a little cove that I walked around and took a pic of camp. You can see one of the plastic bottles that marked one of 4 crawdad traps we had out. But most we caught were around shore.


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Great place to Camp!


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Got back from there on Sunday. I ended up camping at the "regular" campground cause i got in at around 9 PM and wasn't sure which roads to take. Went passed the 4x4 camp, up to summit lake on Saturday and wished I would have stayed at 4x4 but it was full by then. I am going to make a longer trip up to the area next year, can't believe how many lakes are up there!
Only down side-

Damn yellowjackets-- this was one days worth


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That is a great idea, take a trap. Because of all the crawdad shells we had meat bees all over them.

I'll have to keep that one in the back of my mind for next time.


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I always have one of those traps in the camping box. Funny thing is that I am not sure if they trap more bees than they attract....


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gold lake and little gold lake are 2 of our favorites. we were thgere 10 days around 4th of july this year. if u have huevos, keep going up trail ti the cattlke guard, then head up the switch backs to the look out ( also cell service from here) then drop into snake lake and then over to oakland pond-- these areas will test ur mettle.

up near summit lake, look familiar?


from the look out




Steve and I went up there about a month ago and drove back from little dear that way and they cut that tree that goes across the road that you can drive under down. Freakin FS>.....


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directions please and can you get a 12ft boat on the lake? a map/drawing something anything I need to get away.


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directions please and can you get a 12ft boat on the lake? a map/drawing something anything I need to get away.

x2! We are planning one last camping trip the first week of Oct. and are looking for ideas. We were leaning towards Upper Blue Lake but this looks like a good spot too. I'm also intrested in the boating options here (we have a 12ft Alumacraft on a trailer).


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Its easy to get there. Take Highway 80 west, exit onto Highway 89 toward Sierraville. At Sierraville you make a left on highway 49 toward Downiville. Approximatley 20-30 minutes from Sierraville is a small town called Bassetts. Turn right at Bassetts onto Gold Lake Road. A few miles on that road you will see a sign on your left that says "Gold Lake Boat ramp"-turn there. The first right off that road will take you right to the boat launch. You can launch your boat there, leave the trailer and drive back to the campsite or leave your rig/trailer there and take the boat to the camp area.

To get back to the campsites go back the same way you came down to it. This time turn right on the road you came down. It will quickly turn to a dirt road. Hang a left at the "Y" and follow that 4x4 road all the way around to the backside of the lake. You can't miss the campsites there just keep driving until you get to them.

When we were there, there was a full size 20' mastercraft ski boat pulling skiiers all day long. They were camped down the way from us so I don't think there is a boat size restriction. The lake is BIG.

Also there was no launch fee that I saw and I knwo there was no campsite fees.
If you zoom into the red star you will see Gold Lake Road and the lake under the box that has S620 in it is Gold Lake.
I can't wait to go back there.


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directions please and can you get a 12ft boat on the lake? a map/drawing something anything I need to get away.

12' FT boat, no problem, I have had my 22' north river on it. Just watch the water level, when it is low there are things that get pretty close to the surface,

Like Rocks!! the fishing is good in Oct, Nov.


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Since everyone is giving directions to the exclusive spots anyway :nono: I'll help :D


I love camping up there as well but haven't been able to this year.

I started for snake lake last time I was up there, but didn't want to get in a situation (with only one vehicle) so I turned around and hiked up to the look out. Very nice view.


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good beach camping on SW end of lake, before road heads up to summit lake. if u come from reno, its easier and a lot faster to take 395 north to Cal SR 70 then west to Graeagle.





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great photos great information

I really like that area camped a few times up in the Gold Lake area but never @ the 4x4 camp going to have to get up there next summer.