gold lake


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So I landed on camping up at Gold Lake this weekend, and I wasn't sure if there were bear boxes at the campsite? I've seen all positive reviews of that place, it's not too crowded usually, is it?


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it can be packed and no place to camp, or its wide open. trick is to just go and see. camp site #1 has a bear box and some in the 4x4 campground. We've never had a problem w/ bears up there in over 15 years of enjoyment. try to get anything between 14 and 16, those are the best. or pop over to little goad lake, two REALLY nice sites.


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The far spot on Little Gold is my favorite place to camp bar none. We stayed there in August for a week and it was awesome!


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I'll check out little gold, the further from people I am, the more relaxing it should be. Is it easy to get to from the main site? what about fire pits? I've seen some fire restrictions, are there safe places there to have a little cooking fire?