Greetings. I am a local geologist.


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Hello. I spend a lot of time traveling to various ranges throughout Nevada. I just found this website, and always like to learn new things about cars and travelling off-road, because there always seems to be a better way. I have a slightly hopped-up Ford Expedition, atv's, and an electric bike. If those won't get me where I am going, then I walk. I use mapping softwares, multiple electronic machines, cameras, gps's, and when all those fail, which they often do, then I revert to paper and pencil to survey and make my maps. Nevada is a beautiful place, and the remoteness is a great secret.


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I just drove all the way through Utah from the south to the north border. Incredible beauty and made me wish I knew more about geology.

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My GF and I are amateur geology nerds. I took some classes in college years ago, and we spend a lot of time fumbling about looking for crystals and cool rocks and whatnot. We generally have no idea what we're doing, but we have a loupe, a shovel, and a couple rock hammers. Welcome to R4x4!

I've threatened to quit my job a few times to just go get a masters in Geology and see where that leads me lol.